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TEDxAugusta is a not-for-profit local program of self-organized unpaid volunteers. All ticket and partner/sponsorship assistance goes directly to paying for expenses such as venue, catering, advertising, licensee requirements, speaker management and other materials and costs that support the event. Simply put, we can’t produce a TEDxAugusta event without the help of our partners.

By becoming a TEDxAugusta partner you play a part in the creation of a community who wants to lead in global “ideas worth spreading” that will continue post conference. You also help bring together organizations and individuals who want to be change agents that fuel a local and global conversation around awareness and change.

Last but not least, becoming a TEDxAugusta sponsor helps pave the way for a long-term partnership with TED and TEDx around a common vision of leveraging ideas, technologies, design, and education to help create a better future.

Partners to TEDx events should:

  • Be as creative as possible — find artistic ways to present themselves
  • Experiment with new ideas
  • Explore spaces outside of the main stage — e.g. a demo/ideas lab, a studio …
  • Engage the community in meaningful ways (think about TED initiatives, and how partners can support them in a local way)
  • Demonstrate firsts (TEDx events are launch pads for new ideas)
  • Bring their best to TEDx


  • No traditional tradeshow booths
  • No sponsors on the main stage
  • No pitching on the main stage
  • No selling of products
  • No traditional signage (TEDx is not another branding exercise)


Current Partners:

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